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Huawei LiteOS is an Internet of Things real-time operating system. It is developed by Huawei and open sourced on GitHub. Since 2017, LiteOS has started to hold activities for IoT developers on a large scale. In 2018, LiteOS 2.0 open source version was introduced to focus on the development of IoT devices in the LPWA field.
– Introduction to Huawei IoT Solutions
– Architecture and Key Function of Huawei LiteOS
– Huawei LiteOS to Cloud
– Huawei LiteOS + NB-IoT + OceanConnect Tutorial

Event Date/Time: Tuesday, June 26, 2018, 13:30 – 17:00
Event Location: Room 211, China National Convention Center, Beijing
Event Cost: Complimentary


Huawei LiteOS 是一个物联网实时操作系统,由华为公司领导项目、自主研发并开源于 GitHub2017 年起,LiteOS 开始大规模面向物联网开发者进行技术交流和办理开发活动,18 年更推出 LiteOS 2.0 开源版本,聚焦 LPWA 领域的物联网设备开发。
– Huawei LiteOS
– Huawei LiteOS
– Huawei LiteOS + NB-IoT + OceanConnect

DPDK China Summit

The agenda will cover the latest developments to the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) framework and other related projects such as, Lagopus, OVS, DPVS, Tungsten Fabric and SPDK, including plans for future releases, and will provide an opportunity to hear from DPDK users who have used the framework in their applications. Let’s discuss the present and future, including DPDK roadmap suggestions, container networking, P4, hardware accelerators and other networking innovation.

Hear and learn from DPDK and industry experts who will be sharing information about the projects, use cases, capabilities, integrations with DPDK. This is a great opportunity for LinuxCon, ContainerCon and CloudOpen attendees to share their thought leadership and innovations at one of the industry’s premier events.  For the event schedule, please visit:

Event Date/Time: Thursday, June 28, 2018, 8:00 – 17:00
Event Location: China National Convention Center, Beijing
Event Cost: Complimentary, Pre-Registration Required

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DPDK 中国峰会

议程将涵盖数据平面开发套件 (DPDK) 框架和其他相关项目(如,Lagopus,OVS,DPVS,Tungsten Fabric 和 SPDK)的最新发展,包括后续版本的计划,并将有机会聆听 DPDK 用户(已在应用程序中使用该框架)的分享。我们将讨论现在与未来,包括 DPDK 蓝图建议、集装箱网络、P4、硬件加速器和其他网络创新。

聆听并向 DPDK 专家和行业专家学习,他们将分享与项目、用例、功能以及与 DPDK 集成有关的信息。对于 LinuxCon、ContainerCon 和 CloudOpen 的与会者来说,这是一次绝佳机会,与会者将有机会在行业首屈一指的会议中分享他们的思想领导力和创新。

会议日期/时间:2018 年 6 月 28 日,星期四,8:00 – 17:00
会议费用: 免费

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OpenChain Workshop

The OpenChain Workshop will explain modern open source compliance, how the OpenChain education and reference material can help companies, and how the OpenChain Specification is being used by companies to increase efficiency and save costs.

This is a free workshop designed to answer real-world questions. Program managers, project managers, open source office members, legal personnel and business decision-makers will all find something useful in its content. To register simply send an email to coughlan(at)linux(dot)com

Event Date/Time: Monday, June 25, 2018, 8:00 – 12:00
Event Location: China National Convention Center, Beijing
Event Cost: Complimentary

About the OpenChain Project:
The OpenChain Project builds trust in open source by making open source license compliance simpler and more consistent. The OpenChain Specification defines a core set of requirements every quality compliance program must satisfy. The OpenChain Curriculum provides the educational foundation for open source processes and solutions, whilst meeting a key requirement of the OpenChain Specification. OpenChain Conformance allows organizations to display their adherence to these requirements. The result is that open source license compliance becomes more predictable, understandable and efficient for participants of the software supply chain.

OpenChain 研讨会

OpenChain 项目将于 6 月 25 日(星期一)上午 8 点至 12 点在中国国家会议中心举办为期半天的研讨会。本次研讨会将介绍现代开源的合规性,OpenChain 教育和参考资料如何帮助公司,以及公司如何使用 OpenChain 规范来有效管理开源软件并降低使用开源软件所衍生之相关管理成本

这是一个免费研讨会,旨在回答现实中存在的问题。项目经理,开源小组成员,法律人员和商业决策者都会在此内容中找到有用的信息并有所收获。只需发送一封电子邮件至 即可完成注册

会议日期/时间:2018 年 6 月 25 日,星期,8:00 – 12:00
会议费用: 免费

关于 OpenChain 项目:

OpenChain 项目可以通过简化、一致化开源许可合规性,建立企业对开源的信任。OpenChain 规范定义了一组核心要求以满足每个质量合规计划。OpenChain 课程可为开源流程和解决方案提供教育基础,同时满足 OpenChain 规范的核心要求。OpenChain 的一致性可帮助组织显示他们遵守且满足这些要求。软件供应链的参与者最终将更能预测、理解开源许可合规性,并且更加地高效的来使用开源软件。

The Arm Innovator Asia Tour

Join Arm and Hackster this June as we search for the best innovators in Asia!

The events will feature keynote speeches from global industry experts and talks by Arm’s Silicon and Cloud partners about their technologies and opportunities for innovators in the region. We’ll then turn the tables and give the stage to you! We want to hear about ideas, projects and products you’ve built using Arm technologies.

Read more about the event series here:

Event Date/Time: Monday, June 25, 2018, 18:00 – 21:00
Event Location: Microsoft Garage, No.5, Danling Street, Group Headquarters building 2, Haidian District, Beijing
Event Cost: Complimentary, Pre-Registration Required



会议日期/时间:2018 年 6 月 25 日,星期一,18: 00 – 21: 00

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Baidu Workshop Series

Tuesday, June 26
CNCC, Room 207

13:00 – 14:00 Baidu Deep Learning Platform on Kubernetes
14:00 – 15:00 Design & Practice with Cloud Services of Baidu Function Computing
15:00 – 16:00 PaddlePadele Fluid: Toward a Deep Learning Programming Language
16:00 – 17:00 Streaming Computation in Baidu

For additional session details, please visit the LC3 Schedule.

Tencent Workshop Series

Monday, June 25

TARS: Open Source Microservice Architecture From Tencent –  13:20
TARS Promoting the Open Source Community – 14:10
The Way to the TARS Container – 15:00
Some DevOps Practices on TARS – 15:50
TSeer: The Tencent Open Source Nameservice Framework – 16:40

Tuesday, June 26
Using TARS to Code in Golang –  13:20
Using TARS to Code in Java – 14:10
Using TARS to Code in PHP – 15:00
Using TARS to Code in NodeJS – 15:50
Actual TARS Operations on the PC – 16:40

For additional session details, please visit the LC3 Schedule.

Apache ServiceComb (incubating) Day

The microservices open source project – Apache ServiceComb (incubating) will host an Open Day Meetup at the China National Convention Center (Beijing, China) from 11.00am to 16.30pm on Wednesday, June 27th.

The Open Day will focus on the following aspects and discuss the technology and direction of microservices with enterprises, users and developers.

– Interpretation of the Apache community
– Business Microservices Commercial Case Sharing
– State of affairs and Future of Microservice Open Source Community
– Overview of ServiceComb Community and Technology Sharing
– Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in Microservices

Get more real time updated information about the event here:

Event Date/Time: Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 11:00 – 16:30
Event Location:Room 211, China National Convention Center, Beijing
Event Cost: Complimentary

About Apache ServiceComb (incubating) project:

The main code of the Apache ServiceComb (incubating) Project was donated by Huawei Cloud. The project is dedicated to help enterprises easily build cloud native applications and help build microservices from traditional enterprise business. By providing a series of solutions, Apache ServiceComb (incubating) helps users to develop microservices quickly and operate maintenance efficiently of these microservices applications, with a full microservices technology stack, without vendor lock-in. Currently, ServiceComb is following the “Apache Way”. It is used in HUAWEI businesses such as Consumer Cloud, Cloud EI, Cloud Security, Cloud Core Network, also popular in non-HUAWEI users. The developers are also increasingly diversified.

This is a free Open Meetup organized by the Apache ServiceComb (incubating) community and sponsored by Huawei Cloud. We have invited several experts and engineers from commercial enterprises, Apache Foundation, ServiceComb community and HUAWEI to share their experiences. Some of the topics as follows:

How Apache Works

Speaker: Jean-Baptiste Onofré; Apache Member, fellow of Talend, who started work on the Apache Software Foundation in 2004, and PMC member of 20+ Apache projects such as Karaf, Camel, and Carbondata.

In-depth interpretation of the world’s largest open source software foundation – Apache Software Foundation. Introduce what is the “Apache Way” and its attraction, the whole process from open source to incubation and then graduated combined with actual project. Besides, it will introduce the current incubating status of ServiceComb.

How Smart City Microserviced Based on ServiceComb from iSoftStone

Speaker: Bao Yongwei; VP of iSoftStone Smart City Business, focusing on implementation and innovations in smart city related to cloud computing and big data.

iSoftStone Smart City Business involves a large number of systems with complex interactions. During the process of microservices implementation, it faced inappropriate microservices granularity, high code duplication rate, and difficulty in deployment of large application microservices. This speech will introduce how iSoftStone use ServiceComb, especially ServiceComb’s Swagger API, to resolve the pain points of microservices process, enable interoperability and decoupled chimney systems to meet the challenges of microservices diversity in smart city.

Millions Users Solution Based on ServiceComb Microservices from Huawei Consumer Cloud

Speaker: Li Linfeng, microservices architect for Huawei’s Consumer Cloud application market, who has years of experience in designing and developing platform middleware, cloud platforms, and microservices. Author of “Netty authoritative guide” and “The principle and practice of distributed service framework”.

Huawei Consumer Cloud services provide high-quality cloud services for hundreds of millions of Huawei end users in more than 100 countries. In order to support the rapid development of the business, it is necessary to drive delivery of value requirements efficiently and agilely through the microservices architecture. By using SpringMVC and transparent RPC development model from ServiceComb, the existing business code can be migrated to the new microservices architecture at a low cost. Besides, the business implements full-stack asynchronous transformation using the Reactive asynchronous programming model from ServiceComb. Compared with the traditional synchronous blocking service call, the performance is improved several times, but the resource loss is greatly reduced. More practical cases will be shown on this topic.

Domain Driven Design (DDD) in Microservices

Speaker: Wang Lei, pioneer of microservices in China, author of “Microservices Architecture and Practice”, Huawei Microservices Expert, and former ThoughtWorks Chief Consultant.

As a new architecture style, microservice has been widely adopted by the industry. It has become a fulfillment tool for the concept of DDD-driven design. This topic shares how to practice microservice with Domain Driven Design philosophy friendly.

Besides, Huawei Microservices open source expert, former Red Hat chief software engineer, and ServiceComb project leader – Jiang Ning is going to introduce the details about ServiceComb community and technology together with PMCs.

Apache ServiceComb (incubating) Day

微服务开源  ServiceComb  Apache基金会孵化项目将于6月27日(星期三)上午11点00分至下午16点30分在国家会议中心举办为期一天的开放日Meetup活动。


–  Apache 社区解读
–  企业微服务商用案例实践分享
–  微服务开源领域社区现状及未来
–  ServiceComb的社区概况和技术分享
–  微服务领域驱动设计方法


会议日期/时间:2018 年 6 月 27 日,星期三,11:00 – 16:30
会议费用: 免费

关于Apache ServiceComb (incubating) 项目:

ServiceComb Apahce 软件基金会孵化项目的主体代码由华为云捐赠,致力于帮助企业轻松构建云原生应用及传统企业业务快速微服务化,通过系列解决方案帮助用户快速开发微服务的同时实现对这些微服务应用的高效运维管理。它具有完整的微服务生态栈,无厂商锁定,当前遵循Apache Way进行孵化,已拥有如消费者云、云EI、云安全、云核等华为业务之外的一批非华为商用用户,且社区和开发者也日趋多样化。

这是一个免费的开放日Meetup活动,由Apache ServiceComb (incubating)社区组织,华为云赞助主办,我们邀请到了来自商用企业、Apache、ServiceComb社区及华为的多位专家和工程师,与大家进行分享和探讨,部分议题如下:


主讲人:Jean-Baptiste Onofré   Apache Member,Talend的Fellow, 04年开始从事Apache软件基金会相关工作,Karaf、Camel、Carbondata等超过20个Apache项目的PMC member。

摘要:深度解读全球最大的开源软件基金会Apache,诠释什么是Apache Way,及Apache的吸引开源项目之处,结合实际项目讲述从开源到孵化再到毕业的全过程,介绍当前ServiceComb的Apache孵化状态。


主讲人:鲍永伟 软通动力智慧城市业务副总裁,聚焦于云计算与大数据相关的创新技术在智慧城市的应用。

摘要:软通动力智慧城市业务涉及系统繁多并交互复杂,在进行微服务化时面临微服务粒度设计不合理、代码重复率高、大型应用微服务部署困难等阵痛,本分享介绍软通动力如何使用ServiceComb,特别是ServiceComb的Swagger API,解决阵痛的微服务化历程,使能烟囱系统互通、系统松耦合,以应对智慧城市的微服务多样性挑战。


主讲人:李林锋     华为消费者云应用市场微服务架构师,多年平台中间件、云平台、微服务框架设计和开发经验。工作之余爱好技术写作,《Netty权威指南》和《分布式服务框架原理与实践》作者

摘要: 华为消费者云服务为全球100多个国家数亿华为终端用户提供精品云服务,为了支撑业务的快速发展,需要通过微服务架构驱动价值需求更敏捷和高效的交付。利用ServiceComb对SpringMVC、透明RPC开发模式的支持,业务已有的代码可以低成本的迁移到新的微服务架构,同时利用ServiceComb对Reactive异步编程模型的支持,业务实现了全栈异步化改造,相比于传统的同步阻塞式服务调用,性能提升数倍,但是资源损耗却大幅降低…更多实践案例,尽在ServiceComb在华为消费者云的亿级用户实践分享中。


主讲人: 王磊    微服务国内先驱,《微服务架构与实践》作者,华为微服务专家,前ThoughtWorks首席咨询师。


更有 华为微服务开源专家、前红帽首席软件工程师、 ServiceComb项目负责人姜宁携同社区孵化项目PMC们为大家详解ServiceComb社区及技术。


26 June 2018, Huawei will hold one 2018 DMM technical seminar with Community and partners at the LC3 conference in Beijing. The theme of DMM seminar will focus on transport protocol stack acceleration in cloud networking. We would like to invite developers and users from the open source community to discuss the latest technologies of network protocol technology and trend.

DMM means dual Mode, Multi-Protocols,  Multi-Instances, it is a new open source protocol stack framework that Huawei unveiled at the 2018 North American ONS Summit and announced open source in the community. The DMM framework supports both kernel space and user space network protocol stacks, and allows multiple different protocol stacks to coexist, and runs multiple network protocol stack instances at the same time. This framework is flexible and makes it easy for developers of web applications and protocols to use different network stacks.

As a new member of the family, DMM combines Huawei network optimization experience to provide a more cost-effective solution for a variety of customers.

Seminar Information:
26 June, 2018  PM1:00 – PM 5:00
Place:Beijing National Convention Center

To give developers a better understanding about DMM, Huawei organized this seminar with the community, focusing on the following:

  • Network protocol stack optimization
  • User Space protocol stacks
  • Multiple Network stacks Deployment scenario
  • Container networks, etc.

So far, we have invited experts from academy, industry and community to share their latest research findings and insights. Some of these are listed below:

Empower network stack in the cloud networking via DMM   (DMM Project Manager Yalei Wang)

Abstract: This Session will focus on the technical details and framework features of DMM, including the latest DMM features, ongoing projects, and a road map for the future. In addition, we plan to show a Use Case, to help development and consumers understand how to connect the new protocol stack to the DMM framework, and make it easier to use DMM services for upper applications.

F-Stack: A Full User Space Network Service with DMM  (F-Stack Maintainer Hailong Wang)

Abstract: This presentation will introduce F-Stack latest feature, and describe how to build up a high performance user space stack to support Load balance, Web Server, etc. Finally speaker will share his experience and practice with the audiences, let us know how to utilize DMM framework to empower F-Stack scenarios .

Light: Research on High-Performance fully compatible user space Network Protocol Stack(Tsinghua University  Prof. Dan Li )

Abstract:This report mainly introduces one home-grown user space network protocol stack(Light). Light provides high compatibility interfaces with legacy kernel stack, and can run directly with Nginx and other applications without any modification. To compared with the latest version of Linux kernel protocol stack, the Nginx can achieve throughput 60% increased on Light . The tail delay can be reduced by an order of magnitude.

The practice of high-performance networking solutions for cloud on Arm platforms  (ARM Open Source Networking Manager: Song Zhu)

Abstract: This presentation will focus on the experience of networking solutions including data plane acceleration, VPP integration and transportation stack on Arm architecture. We have been working in the community to enable and optimize some key components for networking software stack on Arm. We will share some learning points from our practice.

SDWAN Implementation and WAN Optimization based on DMM(Huawei Senior Architect Yanfei Han)

Abstract: This Session focuses on the use case and benefit from DMM in WAN acceleration in SDWAN scenarios. To combined with the key business in Huawei SD-WAN, DMM provides flexible framework to integrate lead TCP congestion control algorithm and the high speed transmission Stack Fillp , which can effectively solve the pain point of the enterprise and the users in large files transportation.

You are welcome to sign up this Seminar and submit the topic and share your experience with us in the cloud network. We will provide free tickets for the Beijing LC3 Conference on June 25-27.  In addition, The LC3 is a major industry conference hosted by the Linux Foundation, and own a wide range of industry influence.  LC3 participants will be able to collaborate, share information and learn about the latest and most interesting open source technologies, including Linux, containers, cloud technologies, networks, micro services, etc.)

Please use the following QR code to registered, looking forward to seeing you at Beijing.

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly as the following:


DMM (Dual Mode, Multi-Protocols, Multi-Instances)是一个全新的开源协议栈框架,由华为公司在2018年北美ONS峰会上发布,并在FD.io社区宣布开源,该框架同时支持内核态和用户态网络协议栈,并允许多种不同协议栈并存,同时运行多个网络协议栈实例。这种灵活的框架使得不论网络应用的开发者,还是网络协议的开发者都可以轻松使用不同的网络协栈。2018年6月26日下午,华为公司与社区合作伙伴将在北京LC3大会上举办2018 DMM专题技术研讨会,本次研讨会的主题是:面向云网络的传输协议栈加速。我们将邀请开源社区的开发者和用户一起探讨未来网络协议技术的发展道路和最新的技术。欢迎大家踊跃报名并提交议题,同时我们还为成功报名者提供6月25-27号北京LC3 大会的参会门票,数量有限。同时也欢迎大家踊跃提交议题与我们分享你在云网络领域的心得。









– 网络协议栈优化

– 用户态协议应用

– 多态协议应用场景

– 容器网络等方面。



时间 事项 公司 职位
PM1:00 – PM1:30 入场 注册
PM1:30 – PM1:40 Opening 华为 网络产业与生态发展



PM1:40- PM2:20 DMM加速云网络传输协议栈

摘要:本报告将主要介绍DMM的技术细节和框架特点, 包括最新的DMM特性列表, 正在开展的项目以及未来的路线图。另外,我们计划展示一个Use Case ,帮助开发和使用者了解如何将新的协议栈与DMM框架对接,并更容易的使用DMM服务上层的应用。

DMM 项目负责人


PM2:20- PM2:50 F-Stack: 对接DMM的全功能用户态网络协议栈


F-Stack社区 Maintainer



PM2:50- PM3:20 基于ARM架构的高性能云网络解决方案的实践


ARM 网络开源专家


PM3:20- PM3:50 Team Break&Group Photo(茶歇时间,自由交流)
PM3:50- PM4:20 Light:高性能全兼容的用户态网络协议栈研究


清华大学 李丹教授
PM4:20- PM4:50 基于DMM的SDWAN场景的广域网优化实现

本报告主要介绍DMM在SDWAN场景中广域网加速中的使用及价值。结合华为SD-WAN关键业务,针对大文件高速传输场景采用了领先的TCP拥塞控制算法,以及公司级高速传输技术Fillp等 DMM所提供的能力,有效地解决企业痛点,服务用户.

华为 资深架构师 韩艳飞
PM5:20-PM5:30 Closure 华为 2012实验室协议Lab主任









Alibaba Cloud



GOLD 黄金赞助商

Lenovo Big Data

SILVER 白银赞助商

Cloud Foundry

BRONZE 青铜赞助商
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JFrog China


China Electronics Standardization Institute
China Open Source Cloud League
China OSS Promotion Union (COPU)
Civil Infrastructure Platform
EdgeX Foundry
JS Foundation
LF Networking
Open Mainframe Project
Open Switch
Opening Source
Women Who Code


D of Things
OS China


Alibaba Live Broadcast
ITDKS (IT 大咖说)
OS China
Tencent Classroom (腾讯课堂)