September 17, 2019
Huawei Institute of Research and Development
Shanghai, China


Huawei, Tencent, and The Linux Foundation are pleased to welcome you at the LF AI Day* in Shanghai. Hosted at the Huawei Institute of Research and Development at Shanghai on 17 September 2019, this event will feature keynote speakers from leading operators and AI industry with a focus on open source strategies for machine learning deep leaning. During this event, various AI topics will be covered, including technical presentations, demonstrations of AI Marketplace and discussions of LF AI projects.

Check out the agenda here. We hope to see you in Shanghai.

*LF AI Day is a regional, one-day event hosted and organized by local member with support from LF AI and its projects like Acumos AI, Angel, EDL, Horovod, and Pyro.


Tencent – LF AI